International Congress on Geoethics & Groundwater Management: Theory and practice for a sustainable development


This joint congress emerges from an Agreement for Cooperation signed on 5 April 2017 about common grounds by the IAH – International Association of Hydrogeologists (iah.org) IAPG – International Association for Promoting Geoethics (geoethics.org). Following its terms, the international Congress «GEOETHICS & GROUNDWATER MANAGEMENT: THEORY AND PRACTICE FOR A SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT» – GEOETH&GWM’19 – aims for the first global approach on the vast subjects of Geoethics in Groundwater management and its recognized need of reflection for correct and prudent actions.

​GEOETH&GWM’19 convenes groundwater specialists, scholars and professionals, as well as educators, students, and early career colleagues in the first specialized world forum for discussing theory and practice, sharing values, knowledge, research, educational projects, best practices and strategies aiming at the responsible integrated management of groundwater resources for a resilient and sustainable future.

The groundwater community involved in science, exploration and exploitation, use and management of this evermore essential natural resource is becoming more and more aware that ethical issues pervade all our attitudes from concept to action and need to be addressed. Diverse values and cultures, science and education, law and policies, human and natural environments, the public and the economic sectors see groundwater and its values and roles differently. We believe that in a globalized intertwined world a common ground must be discussed and agreed for peace, human development and sustainability. 

Manuel Abrunhosa (IAH-GP – Chairman of the GeoEth&GwM’20)

For more information:  GEOETH&GWM’20